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Honoring The Dyna Legacy.

Published September 19, 2017
The 2018 Harley-Davidson line-up is missing a few standard favorites…the entire Dyna line, to be exact. Some are quickly becoming part of history, while others have been melded into the 2018 Softail-only cruiser line. In the largest-ever product development in Harley-Davidson history, this evolution became eight all-new Softail models. The new Softails boast a stiffer and significantly lighter frame, pulse-quickening torque and dual-counterbalanced Milwaukee-Eight 107 and 114 engines….>>READ ARTICLE

Don’t Dis Your Brother.

Published August 9, 2017
When two motorcycles pass each other on the road, an unspoken exchange takes place. The way you handle this exchange says a lot about who you are, what you ride, what you think and whether or not you’re wave-worthy in the first place. It’s called The Wave and you know exactly what we’re talking about. There are rules…>>READ ARTICLE

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Touring Tips For Travelers.

Published July 11, 2017
Ever wonder how to stuff your stuff? Packing for a long motorcycle trip doesn’t have to end with a toothbrush and a t-shirt. With the right luggage system and a little planning, you can go for days and still have socks to spare. Here are a few tips and tricks from Cherie Gentry, MotorClothes Manager at Harley-Davidson of Fargo. She’s even included a handy packing list…>>READ ARTICLE

Signature Rides Offer Riding Variety.

Published May 18, 2017
The reason behind Harley-Davidson of Fargo’s “Signature Rides” series for the upcoming riding season is simple: “It boils down to us being enthusiasts too,” says owner Joe Entenman. “We get it. We spend the winter thinking about riding and we know how much fun it is to ride motorcycles. By us organizing rides and events, people come together to ride and at the same time have a hell of a good time.” The Signature Rides for 2017 include…>>READ ARTICLE

Harley-Davidson of Fargo 2017 Touring Suspension

The Milwaukee-Eight’s ‘Significant Other’.

Published May 9, 2017
If you have ever spent the day traveling scenic backroads only to endure a night of pain radiating up your spine and emanating from your head via a throbbing brain splitter—rest assured, Harley-Davidson has your aspirin. As Brandon Wolf, Motorcycle Sales Manager at Harley-Davidson of Fargo explains, upgraded suspension components front and rear on all 2017 Touring models…>>READ ARTICLE

Elements Of A Helmet.

Published April 12, 2017
April is National Check Your Helmet Month. Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a Harley-Davidson helmet? There is a well-thought out, scientific and multifaceted process involved in making sure your brain is as safe as it can be. Most motorcycle helmets are compromised of four primary elements… >>READ ARTICLE

Protect Your Noggin.

Published April 5, 2017
April is National Check Your Helmet Month. A helmet is perhaps the most important piece of gear a rider can wear. It provides protection, reduces fatigue and lessens the impact of bugs and debris. There are several factors to consider when reviewing helmets. >>READ ARTICLE

HOG: The World’s Largest Family.

Published March 14, 2017
With one million members and counting, the Harley Owners Group focuses on sharing the camaraderie of riding. Members enjoy a variety of benefits gained through Chapter membership. >>READ ARTICLE

It’s Time To Cut The Cord.

Published February 28, 2017
Wirelessly connect to your H-D Infotainment System with the new Sena Freewire. Make and receive cell phone calls, hear turn-by-turn directions from the GPS system and listen to your favorite radio stations and more. >>READ ARTICLE

Tire Inspection Tips From The Guys Who Know Best.

Published February 28, 2017
The Harley-Davidson of Fargo Service Department knows when you hit the road this spring, you’ll likely be hitting more than just the road and problems with tires are the biggest culprits when it comes to service emergencies. >>READ ARTICLE

The Wiley-X Road & Trail Lens Made Just For You.

Published February 28, 2017
A fully compensated progressive lens designed specifically with motorcycle riders in mind. >>READ ARTICLE

Harley-Davidson of Fargo Road King Special Gallery 7

The All New 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special Leaves The Chrome Behind.

Published February 14, 2017
Swapping chrome for black and powered by the muscular Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 engine, the new Road King Special motorcycle pushes Harley-Davidson’s touring line in a dramatic new styling direction, expressing a contemporary perspective on the classic Road King model. >>READ ARTICLE

Harley-Davidson of Fargo Dyno Tuning

Cold Weather Hot Time For Dyno Tuning.

Published February 7, 2017
The snow-plagued months offer the perfect time to complete motorcycle maintenance without the stress of missed riding opportunities. With our Service Technicians typically being less busy, it’s also a great time for increasing and fine-tuning your motorcycle’s performance, such as pursuing added horsepower.  >>READ ARTICLE

Ride From July To December And Every Day In Between With The 
FXRG Switchback Riding Jacket. 

Published October 5, 2016
Go 365 in the four-season Men’s and Women’s FXRG Triple Vent System Switchback Riding Jacket at Harley-Davidson of Fargo . This durable jacket has you covered in all riding conditions. >>SEE THE FEATURES

Joel Hietkamp and Cally at Harley-Davidson of Fargo

The All-New Milwaukee-Eight Engines

Published September 10, 2016
We invited Joel Heitkamp from KFGO to take one of the first test rides on a 2017 Touring Model. Listen to the experience during his live broadcast from Harley-Davidson of Fargo. >>LISTEN NOW

The All-New Milwaukee-Eight Engines

Published August 23, 2016
Introducing the just-released next-generation Harley-Davidson engine – the Milwaukee-Eight. This big-twin 107, 114 or 117 cubic-inch engine is magnificently built, intuitively innovative, and ungodly powerful.
A few lucky Harley-Davidson dealers around the world got the chance to ride the new 2017 Touring models with this beautiful engine before they were released. Our favorite initial response? “Holy Shit!” >>READ THE ARTICLE

2017 Touring Lineup

Straight Outta Boston: The 2017 Model Release

Published August 23, 2016
Harley-Davidson’s battle cry for 2017? “Hold On!” And they mean it. The 2017 Harley-Davidson model year has started off with one helluva twist of the throttle and they’re just picking up speed.
It’s time to discover more with the 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models- more power, more heat management, more comfort and more charging power. >>READ THE ARTICLE

Lost Your Man Card?

Published July 15, 2016
“Here’s a bike that will get your man card back,” says Sales Manager Brandon Wolf of the new Harley-Davidson Roadster.
“It will appeal to all riders who want an aggressive riding style. Whether you’re going from light to light or taking a trip around the lake, you’ll feel like you’re on a racetrack with this bike,” he says. >>READ THE ARTICLE

Harley-Davidson Boots By Wolverine Photo

A Rider’s Guide To Boots.

Published July 15, 2016
What’s so important about boots? It’s all about protection. Well-made boots are like leathers, helmets, gloves and proper eyewear – part of your riding gear. They keep you safe and comfortable on the road. And they protect you in case you spill.
Wolverine, a trusted boot maker for more than 130 years, produces all Harley-Davidson footwear. Kevin Marks is territory manager for Wolverine. >>READ THE ARTICLE

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