Wiley-X Road & Trail Lens Designed For Riding

The Wiley-X Road & Trail Lens Was Made Just For You.

A fully compensated progressive lens designed specifically with motorcycle riders in mind.

Wiley-X recently introduced a new prescription lens developed to provide the clearest possible vision and eye comfort for the Harley-Davidson rider.

The new Road & Trail Rx Lens line is a fully compensated progressive lens designed specifically for riding.

These lenses were designed to be “The Ultimate Riding Lens” with features and characteristics that ensure clear and undistracted vision when riding a motorcycle. This exclusive Rx lens design provides a wide, clear area of vision at distance, giving riders a sharp picture of the road and surrounding conditions ahead.
At the same time, the unique Rx lens provides clearer vision in every gaze direction, enhancing situational awareness and visual acquisition of objects and hazards to either side. A wide visual corridor and seamless progressions enhance eye comfort during long hours on the road, giving riders a clear view of close-in LCD navigation screens, as well as the road surface, whether viewed through a windshield or motorcycle fairing.
Plus, specialized power distribution in these lenses minimizes the need for head movements while driving, increasing not only road awareness but also comfort over the long haul.

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The new Wiley-X Road & Trail Rx lenses are available for prescriptions up to +4.00 and -5.00 and fit most of our popular Climate Control Series frames.

Climate Control frames feature a removable foam insert which makes the lens/frame combination the ultimate eyewear for any riding condition.

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